Monday, 11 March 2013

Ephemeral Ebooks

Regular readers might have noticed that things have been a bit quiet on the review front recently, I thought I would enlighten you on at least one reason why.

So let's not get into a debate about ebooks versus paper books, we all have our strongly held opinions and preferences and neither are right or wrong they just are but recently I have noticed a problem with my consumption of ebooks. Actually it's a lack of consumption that I noted and yet I seem to have spent a long time reading, what's going on?

For whatever reason I find my staying power with ebooks is weak, very weak. There are a number of problems here.

1) Amazon's annoying try a sample - Oh yes this should be marvellous, read a sample buy the book, finish the book move on. Doesn't work, not for me, I end up downloading a sample, reading a bit, trying another sample, read a bit and so on in an endless loop of unproductive and unfinished first chapters.

2) Ease of purchase - Oh go on, It's only 99p, buy it, read a bit, forget it, buy another one, bollocks.

3) Forgetting what I have - Oh it's all very well having storage space for thousands of books but given the above distractions, it takes a matter of moments to lose track of what you were reading, start on something else and again the endless loop begins.

Ebooks are wonderful things, accessible, portable, transferable but they are also by their very nature ephemeral. The TBR (to be read) pile of physical books on my desk teeters like a poor man's Leaning Tower of Pizza (come to think of it, it's often propped up with a leaning tower of Pizza), it may be scary but it's also undeniably there. Once I start a "real" book I rarely put it away again, which is why most of the reviews you will see on this site are of physical books.

Anyone else got the same problem? If so, maybe we could rent a church basement and form a support group, let me know.


  1. It has to be a really good book on my kindle for me to keep at it. A couple of novels by Adam Neville worked well for me. But I can't say that I enjoy reading as pleasurable as when I have a paperback or a hardback in my hands. Plus, on a couple of occasions I've pressed something my mistake which has lost me my place and finding it again is a major problem.

  2. Regardless of whether it's an ebook or the tree-edition I use the Goodreads website to keep track of my TBR pile. Looking at a screen is certainly less daunting than looking at the physical pile! ;)

  3. Thanks for the comment. I used to use Goodreads but always forget to update it leading to even more chaos :-)

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